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American media reported that an aircraft cabin ban on large electronic devices like laptop was prompted by intelligence suggesting a terror threat to US-bound flights.

The United States and the United Kingdom have announced new carry-on restrictions banning laptops on certain passenger flights.

So, which airlines are affected the new ban?

The nine airlines covered by the US ban are Royal Jordanian, EgyptAir, Turkish Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Qatar Airways, Emirates and Etihad Airways.

The British ban, announced hours after the American measure, is similar but applies to different airlines, including British Airways and EasyJet.
It covers direct passenger flights to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

Flight ban on laptops

So, far there is no announcement of a ban by the Indian government.


The 10 airports affected by the US ban are:

  1. Mohammed V International, Casablanca, Morocco
  2. Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey
  3. Cairo International Airport, Egypt
  4. Queen Alia International, Amman, Jordan
  5. King Abdulaziz International, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  6. King Khalid International, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  7. Kuwait International Airport
  8. Hamad International, Doha, Qatar
  9. Abu Dhabi International, United Arab Emirates
  10. Dubai International, United Arab Emirates

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