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Austin Ford recently released an app to changed “your life forever”!. That app is called SnapCash Binary available at

He claims that you can make as much as $1,200 per day with his binary system!


Here’s one of the online testimonials.

So, I signed up with the SnapCash Binary, deposited the minimum of $250 into their recommended broker account to start off with. Today is my 5 day using it, and when I checked my account last night it was almost at $12,900+, so I’m hoping I go over that magic $19K mark by the end of week! So, if you are in a hurry & don’t want to read my complete story & full review then click this link to get started making $1200 daily profits using this secret SnapCash Binary system easily now!

At the same time there are also claims against SnapCash software.

I’ve tried to register 4 times at SnapCash Binary. I fill in all the info, hit the button and the cog starts turning and turning and turning and never stops. I emailed the main site once and support twice, over a 3 to 4 hour period – nothing. They didn’t answer my emails and I never received the download link email promised right after putting in your name and email, They may be everything other says they are, but mostly the guy goes on about you becoming a millionaire, you know, one of things we’re supposed to look out for.

If you have experience aon using SnapCash, please post your review below in the comment box below.

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