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Consumer activists have started an online petition on Change.Ogr against “unfair charges” by banks across India. The petition highlights that tax payers, specially the middle class, suffered the most.

banking charges petitionHighlights of the petition to the Reserve Bank of India.

  1. Banks in India have been abusing their customers for years now.
  2. Banks freely increase banking charges as per their whims.
  3. Banks adopt customer-unfriendly terms.
  4. Banks oversell products such as insurance to increase their profits.
  5. Tax-paying, middle-class customers suffer because of these bank policies.
  6. The Reserve Bank of India has stayed silent on this mistreatment.
  7. The RBI’s ombudsman tends to favour and protect banks when complaints are lodged.

The activists want the government and the RBI to come up with a policy will ensure that digital transactions are encouraged while consumers are protected. They also want aank account portability so that customers can shift to a better bankUnfair agreements that favour banks and unregulated charges are controlled

The petition has already been supported by MPs and prominent bankers. 

Sign the petition Here so that the RBI change its policies in order to protect our rights and from unfair extra charges.

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