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PayMe India has been sending mass unsolicited messages via Mobile SMS to the contact numbers of their loan defaulters. I always rubbished this claim as the company appears to be fair in dealing with their customers. However, to my surprise i too became a victim of their mass SMS campaign against their client. (Please note: I am not their client, but appears to be on the contact list of one of their clients).

payme india sms unethical unfair

This is how PayMe India operates (after their client default on loan payment):

1. Their client defaults payment
2. They scrub their client’s mobile phone contact list/numbers
3. Then they will send mass SMS to all the numbers listed on their client’s phone.

The message that I received from PayMe India:

Sent by AM-PayMeR:
Mr……. s/o Mr…….. is defaulting on a loan availed from PayMe India. Please ask to repay his dues to avoid further collection & legal proceedings. (names have been withheld to protect their client’s privacy).

I want to inform everyone that this practice of sending Bulk SMSes to their client’s contacts is unethical and unfair trade practice. I am sure some of you have received such SMSes. Many friends panicked after receiving such SMS as they have no idea what to do. They called up asking whether they are also being wanted in a loan process which they were never a part of. It would be beat for PayMe India to immediate stop such unfair trade practice by sending out SMS to their client’s contact list. (Caution: Customers should see what permissions are granted/needed when installing mobile app)

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  • Nitesh Gupta January 20, 2018

    To whosoever it may concern,

    I am a professional debt collector and work for a debt collection agency. I am not directly associated with PayMe India but I really respect the ways they are following to recover the amount lent to stubborn people like you. Defaulter like you have to understand that money is not free it has a cost and you can not avoid your repayment just by not picking the phone and changing the address.

    I have almost eight years of experience working for debt collection agencies and I know guys like you very well. You guys create a nexus to take a loan from start ups and pay some of the EMIs on time. Once you feel that you have created a good credit worthiness with the lender you start playing bluff. You give each others number saying that they are your kin/friend and pass the verification process easily.

    Now since loan has been credited and you and your friend you both want to eat and run away with the money of a lender you will start cooking stories. First one of such story is that you do not know each other and the company never checked with you while offering the loan etc.

    Rather than playing your dues, you will try every alternative not to repay the amount without realizing the fact that the lending company can ruin your whole personal and professional like if want. They are still giving your leverage of this rather that using your check and filing a case under sector 138 which is considered a criminal offence.

    You all want to become V. Mallya and when it comes to facing the heat you start crying. Do not be a cry baby and stat paying your dues if you have borrowed rather than cursing a company and blaming collection agencies.

    Good day!!


    • Gate Keeper January 20, 2018

      By the way I am not PayMe customer and I have no business with them.

      If they have problem with their clients who are not repaying loans why don’t they issues legal notice to their clients? Simple as that. They have no business to send SMS to people who may have been on the phone contact list of their clients. They should simply take the legal route and not bother people who has no idea what’s the deal between they and their clients.


      • Nitesh Gupta February 12, 2018

        Good then do not put your nose into someone’s business. You never know they have taken a consent for this from the customer.


        • Gate Keeper February 15, 2018

          They never took my consent to send me their SMS. This is what is called ‘unfair’ practice. Will you be OK if people started sending you their debtors details every now and then even though you have no idea who that person is?


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