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By Anvi Sawant, via Change.Org

My Chachi was on her deathbed while I and my aged parents were being harassed by the crew of IndiGo flights.

Our Srinagar to Mumbai via Delhi flight was delayed by 45 minutes by IndiGo. They refused to give us a boarding pass in Srinagar and on arrival in Delhi, refused to let us board our connecting flight, even though we reported for the flight on time. Instead, they demanded us to pay Rs 25,000 as re-accommodation charges, a huge amount for a middle class family like mine.

My chachi passed away later that night, while we were stuck in Delhi Airport because IndiGo refused to follow protocol and let us board. They not only humiliated our family, but stripped us of the final chance to be with our loved ones.

The emotional trauma was too much for my aging father. He fell ill when their staff threatened to throw us out in an unknown city. Later that week, he had a heart attack.

Sign my petition asking IndiGo to introduce a policy to address grievances such as this in a sensitive and timely manner and reimburse our tickets.

IndiGo cares about their public image. If thousands of us sign this petition, IndiGo will take their consumers seriously and stop the insensitive, unprofessional treatment where they even refuse to acknowledge that any protocol exists in all their further communications. They have to introduce a policy that will address such grievances in a professional manner!

Please sign my petition and let’s put an end to arm-twisting techniques by making Indigo introduce policies that will put an end to exploitation of passengers.

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