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You parked your car somewhere. Traffic police tows it while you are away. You return and your beloved car is nowhere to be seen. Familiar story? YES, it is like your worst nightmare not knowing who might have taken your vehicle. You begin to think for the worst – stolen – or could have been towed away by the traffic police. What if there is a simple way to track the location of your car to save yourself from a mild heart-attack? YES, here comes one of the most affordable smart solution to locate your lost car.

After lots of research from online stores, we finally found one product from Amazon that we can recommend.

It is called: Plug and Play OBD II Realtime GPS Car Tracker  

1. No Wiring, Just Plug and Play

2. Real-time GPS Tracking

3. Subscription Free (You don’t have to pay for GPS service)

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Reasons why you should use this car tracking device:

1. Is there a subscription fee later charged and does it work for Tata Indica LS, Maruti Alto 800 LXI, etc?

It’s subscription free you only have to maintain SIM in tracker. Just locate OBD port in your car. Most cars manufactured after 2010 comes with standard 16 pin OBD port.

2. Can i get data from this device to my personal mobile app?

Yes, after installing the tracker you can download the tracking app and use your own ID and Password to track your vehicle. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS phones.

3. Can i install it in my 2016 make Swift Dzire?

Yes, you can install on Maruti Swift Dzire. Swift Dzire comes with OBD2 port.

4. Where is this port located in the car ?

Check your car’s manual for exact location of OBD port. It should be somewhere close/below the dashboard.

5. Does this unit/device  work even if the car is in switch off/not running mode?

Yes, the unit gets power from cars battery, even when your car is switched off.
I hope you found this item useful. Stop paying monthly subscription fees to those so-called high end GPS trackers. A small one-time investment for your car tracking device will give you peace of mind for many months or years. PS: You can also use it as a bike tracker, provided you get an ODB port.

You can buy the item from Amazon website. The price is Rs 2,900.

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