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Have you ever come across some pump attendants who feign hearing problem and filled up oil for just Rs 100 when you had clearly told them to fill for Rs 1000? If yes, then you have either been cheated or just encountered a scam. When customers ask the attendants to fill petrol worth Rs 1,000 , these scambag attendants will initially fill only for Rs 100 . When they are asked why they did not fill for Rs 1,000, they will simply give that innocent smile and claimed they heard Rs 100 and they will then fill the remaining Rs 800. They will then reset the meter and fill up for Rs 800 and you pay up Rs 1,000 (which is 200+800).

To an innocent customers, it appears totally legit! But here lies the scam. In most cases, the attendants don’t resets the meter to zero. They continue from the Rs 100 point and then they will stop when the meter reads Rs 800. So, you are actually getting petrol worth just for Rs 800, while you end up poorer by Rs 1,000 .

Their most common trick is that when you tried to focus on the meter one of his colleagues will disturb on some pretext or the other by asking you questions like like – “Sir/Madam, Cash or Card?” , or “Sir, Next time come…Big offer” , or “Sir, can you fill up this coupon for us?”. By the time the customer reply to the second attendant, the main attendant will appear to start the meter again and when the customer look at the meter, it will show close to Rs 300-400, making you feel that the meter was restarted from zero. However, in actual sense that first attendant started from 200 level. As a result you as the customer is cheated of Rs 200 in broad daylight. So, next time, make sure the meter is restarted to zero!


Diagram on how petrol pumps cheat customers

IF you feel you have been cheated, file a complaint using these links and numbers.

HPCL Web Portal –
HPCL Customer Care Phone – 155233 / 1800 2333 555

BPCL Web Portal –
BPCL Customer Care Phone – 155233/ 1800222725

IOC Web Portal/Customer Care –

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  • mohd Akram January 24, 2016

    Petrol pump near Govindpuri metro station,does exactly that!
    In my case i was disturbed offering engine oil,
    Just after ordering,when i turned back to meter it was 50%done.
    My bike meter also confirmed, my point.
    I didn’t say anything for i had no proof.


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