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country vocations scam

Here’s a simple but effective manner in which Country Club aka Country Holidays sales/marketing people duped their innocent customers. 

Some people in shopping malls and cinemas halls will give you a lottery ticket where you will be asked to write down your name, phone number and emails.

After a week or two you will get phone call telling you that you have won a prize from those lottery slips given to you in Step 1. Usually, they will say that you won at least three prizes which will include a travel voucher and a dessert bowl/wall clock etc.

You will be asked to visit your nearest Country Club aka Country Fitness Club aka Country Holidays centre to collect the prizes. Even if you ask them to send the prizes to your address, they will not do it. They will say that you have to personally collect it.

You reached this stage only if you are convinced by the tele caller. Once, you reach their centre or the address given to you to collect your prizes, you will be treated like a ‘king’. You will be led into a room where you will be told to attend a 30-minute presentation (actually this can go on for couple of hours if you proved to be a hard nut to crack). At least 3 sales people will try to alternately try to explain their travel plans and club membership benefits. They will give you all the ‘free’ plans and additionally they will sale you a ‘Lifetime Free HDFC ERGO Health Insurance’ also if you decided not to buy any of their plans to convince you that they cared about your health! Remember there is no such plans.

These are the simple steps used by the sales people. (Please note: Not saying the company is a scam but I’m only saying that the means adopted by the sales people are unethical)

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