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Reliance Jio’s plans are often confusing primarily because the company is trying to navigate the complex pricing model to compete with its competitors like Airtel and Vodafone. In the process, consumers are left with “what is the real offer” or “is it really free offer” questions. In this post, we will show you how to get Jio Prime Membership for FREE, when the Happy New Year offer ends on March 31.

Reliance Jio Prime Membership for Free

Reliance Jio Prime Membership for Free

If you are already already using Jio, you must be already used to the free 1GB data/daily (4G) and unlimited data at a speed of 128 kbps post the daily limit, and also the unlimited calls. So, you can continue to get the same features after March 31 by buying Jio’s Prime membership for a year. You will have to pay Indian Rupees 99 for the yearly subscription and Rs 303/month. However, there’s a way to save money here. You can get the Jio Prime membership for free.


Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Download Jio Money app and create an account.

Step 2. Now, using the app, recharge your Jio Mobile Number with Rs 99 i.e., for the Jio Prime Subscription. (you will be getting back Rs 50 cashback for installing and using Jio Wallet).

Step 3. Now, to get another Rs 50, Jio is additionally giving its customers another offer if you recharge for Rs 303/month or above values. Please note that you have to make the recharge payment via Jio Money app again to get the Rs 50 cashback.

Your Rs 100 cashback will be credited within two days to your Jio Money wallet in the form of Jio voucher which can be used for buying other services or even recharges.

Speaking in fair sense, the Jio Prime Membership is not totally free, but you are getting back Rs 100 cashback which is a great deal, in fact you are making Rs 1 extra! A great deal indeed.

Additionally, Jio is offering another 5GB data if you recharge your number for Rs 303 before March 31. Don’t wait for the last minutes. Do it now!

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