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Today, I got a phone call on my mobile number from +911149096196 (that’s Indian mobile number) which originates from Delhi.

The caller was a lady. She talked in Hindi.

She started the conversation by talking about “your credit card information was updated” and that they need “certain details”. Being the owner of a website that deals with complaints and consumer awareness, i pretend to play the innocent…just to see what she said. Besides, I don’t have a credit card! 🙂 Here’s how the conversation went:-

Phone rings…

Me (picking up): Hello, Yes?
Lady caller: Sir, can i speak to you for a minute? It’s about your credit card update.
Me (speaking in English): Yes, what is it about?
Lady caller: Sir, can i speak to you in Hindi?
Me: Haan, Hindi mein ba’t karo (Yes, speak to me in Hindi).
Lady caller: Sir, we have updated your credit card details and you need to provide us your card number again for verification. And there is a small change regarding your address. We will have to add the three numbers on the back of your card to your pin number to pinpoint your card in case of theft or being lost…
Me: I don’t have a credit card,,,how can you update one that is supposed to be mine? Shall i complain you to the police?

She immediately cut the line.

Warning: Please be careful with your credit card details. Never ever share it with anyone…not even when someone calls you stating that he or she is from your bank.

Even if you don’t have a credit card, some of these scam calls will ask for your debit card number details. Never share! Be safe.

credit card scam phone call

Complaint against Phone Number 911149096196. Complaint against credit card scam calls.

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