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Mumbai/Bengaluru/New Delhi/London: UB Group’s former boss and liquor baron Vijay Mallya has set a precedent of sorts in India.

Now, sources have confirmed that top five businessmen of India are all set to flee the country due to the growing ‘intolerance’ of defaulters by consortium of banks.

Mallya fled the country on March 9 even as a consortium of banks and investigative agencies were closing in on him.

Vijay mallya looking 'loan'ly.

Vijay Mallya looking ‘loan’ly.

“These businessmen felt that they would be arrested like Sahara Group boss Subrato Roy who is currently in Tihar Jail for not paying up his employees,” a lawyer who represents one of the business czar told NWTK without mentioning his client.

It is not yet clear if the government is aware of the developments.

Many people are wondering if these businessmen would be allowed to fly out of the country just like Mallya at a time when Narendra Modi, who promised to bring back black money from tax havens, is the Prime Minister of India. Only time will tell.

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