— no proper response from customer support

I am asking for a help since 3 days, Which I am facing to send an e-mail from

Persons i am dealing with is as below.

First Point of Contact: Mukul Sharma


Second Point of Contact: Abhinav Sharma


Each time when i call them they are busy, and they are telling that they will call as get free from work. but i never receive call from there side.

Totally bogus service, bye bye shine. just go to hell.

I am not asking you to take any action, because i know you can not do any thing, you all are same, i am aborting you service keep my remaining money with you .

And request you to never ever call me for your service, if i will receive any call from your side, i am sure reply from my side will really tough for you guys.

Default Filed on February 2, 2018 in Website. should be making their best to solve client’s querries.

on February 2, 2018.
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